1. Features [top]
    The Chat allows you to have real time textual conversations with members of the groups you are a member of. Chat is thus only possible within a group and with the members who are present simultaneously on the chat.

    Opposed to forums, the conversations are not archived.

    The Chat tool is a simple tool to use and therefore has no advanced functions such as creating public rooms, ejecting participants, etc.

  2. Access to group chat [top]
    To access the group chat, select the Chat tool in the home page. Then click on Chat with members under the desired group name.

    The chat opens in a separate window: this allows you to use other tools while chatting.

    The chat window is divided in three different zones: messages, people connected and textline. The people connected zone gives the list of all members connected to the chat.

  3. Technical requirements [top]
    If you or your enterprise have a personal firewall, port 7000 should be opened.


  1. Write a public message [top]
    Click on the white line under the chat to activate it. Then enter your message and press the return key to send it.


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