1. Features [top]
    Not easy to find a date when more than two people are involved! The meeting poll feature allows you to get participants votes on a selection of dates and times. It is much easier to find a schedule that is convenient for all or most participants.

    Note: Participants don't have to own a virtual office account. However, they must be in a private or group addressbook.

    There are no group polls. A poll is always created from the private environment and never appears in the group environment.


  1. Create a poll [top]
    Select Meeting poll in the New menu and follow the wizard instructions.

    After the last step, participants get an e-mail inviting them to participate to the poll by clicking on an hyperlink.

  2. View votes [top]
    You can view the participants votes anytime by displaying the poll details.

    Please note that participants can change their vote anytime as well, because their agendas can change.

  3. Reminders [top]
    To send a reminder to participants who haven't answered yet, display the poll details and click on Reminders. All participants who haven't answered yet are selected, but you can exclude some of them before you send the reminder.
  4. Choose the final date [top]
    Anytime, you can choose the final date amongst the dates and times proposed to the participants votes. To do this, click on Select in the column of the chosen proposition. Please note that this operation cannot be undone: you won't be able to change the final date.

    Participants get a notification e-mail. Besides, a meeting is created in the virtual office Calendar. It appears in your own calendar, as well as in the calendars of the participants who have an account. Participants without an account can accept or refuse the meeting by clicking on an hyperlink in the notification e-mail.

    What to do if no date is convenient for all participants?

    If this is acceptable, choose the date that is convenient for most participants or for the most important ones. You can also edit the poll and add dates.

    What to do if several dates are convenient for all participants?

    As poll creator, you choose the final date alone.

    What to do if all the dates are not convenient for everyone

    Edit the poll and add other dates. But, sometimes, there is simply no solution.

  5. Edit a poll [top]
    You can change the poll settings anytime. To do this, display the poll details and click on Edit. You can add or delete days and times, add a participant, etc.

    Participants get an e-mail notification if you change dates, times or the participants list. No e-mail is sent if you change the subject or the description.

  6. Close a poll [top]
    If the meeting project is cancelled, or if you can't find a final date, you can close the poll. It is kept in its current state and can still be viewed by yourself and participants. However, votes are not allowed anymore. Besides, you can't edit the poll or choose a final date if a poll is closed.

    Note: A closed poll cannot be opened again. Think twice before closing one.

    Note: Once the final date has been chosen, the poll is automatically closed.

    To close a poll, display its details and click on Close.

  7. Delete a poll [top]
    If you don't need a poll anymore, you can delete it. A poll is deleted for ever.

    To delete a poll, display its details and click on Delete.



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