What do I need to use ContactOffice?
  1. A Web browser on a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. The Web browser must accept session cookies. They are not a threat to your privacy.

Are my data safe?
  1. We guarantee the security of all the data you enter within ContactOffice. We back-up all data several times a day. Learn more

What about privacy?
  1. Yes, all your data are protected by a password and we can't access them. Personal data entered at registration are never transmitted to third-parties.

Is it possible to import data?
  1. Yes, here are the possibilities:
    • Address books: .csv file (simple format compatible with most software), vCard (.vcf files, electronic business cards), Synchronization
    • Calendar: vCal/iCal files (standard compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.), Synchronization
    • Documents: Virtual drive (with drag and drop)
    • Messages: IMAP, .eml, .pst

Will I be able to export my data if I decide not to use ContactOffice anymore?
  1. Yes, you will be able to export all your data, either tool by tool, either in a single operation.

Am I compelled to share all my data?
  1. Not at all: you decide which single data (a document, a contact, etc.) must remain private. If it is shared, you decide who can access it.

Is it possible to cancel data sharing?
  1. You can edit access rights at any time. As sharing always occurs within a group, you can also remove someone from the group at any time: the removed person will no longer be able to access data shared within the group.

Where can I get help?
  1. Click on "Help" in the menu bar from each tool or select "Help" in the tools pull-down menu.


Can I access to ContactOffice without registering?
  1. No, a personal account is needed to store personal data.
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Why is there a confirmation email?
  1. Your account must be linked to an existing email address

I haven't received the confirmation email. What happened?
  1. Possible reasons:
    • You entered an incorrect email address.
      Solution: start over.
    • Emails servers on the Internet are slow because of high traffic
      Solution: wait for a few minutes. If the email still does not get through, contact us.
    • Our email was considered as spam by your email server
      Solution: check your spam folder. Add our domain to your white list.

How to sign up a group of users (a whole company/department)?
  1. The administration feature allows you to manage your own users and email domain(s). Your credit will handle payments and renewals.


What is a subscription?
  1. Every account has a subscription. It sets available capacities (ex: MB for messaging) and features (access from third-party software to the messaging account).
  2. Upgrade to get more capacities.

What if no subscription matches my needs?
  1. Contact technical support.

What payment means do you accept?
  1. We accept credit cards and Bitcoin.

How can I get an invoice?
  1. If you wish a payment receipt, go to 'Settings > Account > Payment receipts'. Please note that you can't get a receipt before we have received your payment (the delay depends on the payment means you use).


What is secured access?
  1. Access secured with TLS/SSL encrypts all data between our servers and your computer.

Why do I get the message "Session timeout. Please login again" after a while?
  1. To keep your data confidential, your session will automatically expire after X minutes idle time. You can set the amount of minutes in the Settings. This policy protects your data in case you would leave your computer without closing your session manually.

Can I use my account on different computers at the same time?
  1. Yes, it allows connecting on a colleague's computer while your personal computer is already connected.

Can several users connect at the same time on the same computer?
  1. No, except if each user uses a different Web browser (for instance, the first one uses Internet Explorer, and the other one uses Firefox).

How to quit the site in a secure way?
  1. Either click on "Quit" in the menu bar.

Can my account expire?
  1. Free accounts that are not used for 30 consecutive days are automatically cancelled and all data is lost.
  2. Paid accounts are never automatically cancelled as long as payment is current (even if you don't log in).

Can I change my password?
  1. Yes. To do it, select "Preferences" in the "Others" menu. Then click on "Change my password". Don't choose an obvious word (such as your name, last name...) as a password (which contains up to 10 characters). We strongly encourage you to renew your password from time to time.


What are groups for?
  1. Groups allow for data sharing with other users. With groups, you use the full potential of ContactOffice. Sharing is done in two ways:
    • Each group has its own space: group Documents, group Calendar, etc. All group members may access this common space.
    • Your private data can be shared with the group members.
    Belonging to a group has the following consequences:
    • You can view the busy time slots (but not the event details) in the group members Calendars
    • You can chat with group members with Instant messaging (if available) and see whether they are currently online.
    • You can send Documents to a group member drop folder.
    • The following data from your Personal data are displayed to members: last name, first name, organization, email address and picture.
    Of course, other members get the same privileges.

Must I share all my data with the members of the groups I belong to?
  1. No. You always decide which particular data you wish to keep private and which particular data, if any, that you wish to designate as public. You decide in which group/s to share your data. Any single data can have different sharing settings for different groups.

What is a group administrator?
  1. The administrator of a group is the person who manages the group. When you create a group, you are automatically the administrator of this group. The administrator is the only one able to add, edit or delete content in the group tools (calendar, documents, etc.), but he may give these rights to certain or all members of the group. The administrator of the group it not authorized to leave the group, unless he has chosen a new administrator.

What are the capacities available for the group?
  1. Just like a private environment, a group environment has capacities (GB for documents, for instance). These capacities are set by the subscription of the group administrator. Therefore, the group administrator will generally have the highest subscription. Example: a subscription has a capacity of 10 GB for Documents.
    • The administrator has 10 GB for their own private documents.
    • Each group created by this administrator has a capacity of 10 GB for Documents. In other words, the documents placed within the group by all members (including the administrator) cannot exceed 10 GB.
    • If the subscription allows the creation of 3 groups, the total capacity for the Documents is 40 GB: 10 GB for every group and 10 GB for private documents of the administrator.
    The capacities for the private environments of the members of the group are set by their own subscription.

How many members can a group contain?
  1. Every group has a maximum number of members. It is set by the subscription of its administrator.


Free account cancellation
  1. To cancel a free account, go to My account and choose "Delete my account" under "Delete". After confirmation, your account and all your data are permanently deleted. Note: Free accounts that are not used for 210 consecutive days are automatically cancelled. Accounts with a paid subscription are never automatically cancelled as long as the payment is received.

Paid account cancellation
  1. To cancel a paid subscription, go to "Settings" and choose "Delete my account" under "General". After confirmation, your account and all your data are permanently deleted. NB: Paid accounts are never automatically cancelled as long as payment goes on. Free accounts that are not used for 210 consecutive days are automatically cancelled.


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