Individual version

A professional and complete solution for your personal needs, at an affordable price. Available right now in any Web browser, without any installation. You may use your own domain name for email in this standard version.

Email addresses with your own domain name

Instead of an email address created on the ContactOffice domain name, you may use your own domain directly on our servers. Our servers will then become the official email servers of your domain name.


  • You must own a domain name. We do not sell domain names: if you don't have one, contact a reseller.
  • You must have a paid subscription.


  • You keep your email address with the ContactOffice domain and the address with your own domain name is added as an alias.
  • All emails sent to whatever address of your domain name will end up on our servers: it is therefore not possible to transfer only certain addresses.
Note: Email has no impact on your Web site
Note: This possibility requires at least one paid subscription.


You can set your personal preferences in most tools.


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