ContactOffice offers several possibilities to access your data on smartphones and tablets.

From the Apps (Mobile synchronization)

You access your emails, contacts and calendar through the native apps that are available on your smartphone or tablet. Example: the iPhone calendar. You will thus benefit of all the features included on your device (notifications, etc.).

  • Global synchronization: iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung, etc.), BlackBerry, any Exchange-capable device. All your devices synchronize with each other thanks to ContactOffice. Disponible solamente con una suscripción de pago. Otros: Windows Phone, Windows Mail, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.
  • Tool synchronization: iPhone, iPad, Android, All devices compatible with IMAP/POP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV.
On the Web

Una interfaz específica fue diseñada para los navegadores Web en los PDA o smartphones (Pocket Explorer, Blazer, etc.).


You can combine different synchronization possibilities. For instance, you can:

  • Setup global synchronization of your personal data
  • Setup synchronization of a co-worker's calendar
  • Use the Web interface from time to time for specific needs. Example: send an email with an attachment already stored in the Documents.



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