About ContactOffice Group

ContactOffice Group S.A. is an European software publisher specialized in Cloud or license virtual office solutions.

ContactOffice Group was founded in 1999 by Belgian Internet pioneers: Arnaud Huret, Patrick de Schutter, Luc Claes and Brice Le Blévennec.

The ContactOffice logo, ContactOffice© trademark are protected by international copyrights. ContactOffice is an international trademark owned by ContactOffice Group sa as from November 1999.

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"A collaborative mobility solution with a bullet proof support".
E. Jaunart - Mielabelo
Patrick De Schutter Patrick De Schutter - Partner
Sales and Marketing Manager
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Luc Claes Luc Claes - Partner
Research and Development Manager
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Brice Le Blévennec Brice Le Blévennec - Partner
Product Research Manager
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Gilles Renard Gilles Renard - Partner
Content, Quality, Integration and Support
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Arnaud Huret Arnaud Huret - Partner
Technics and Interface
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