With an Education or Customized version, you can choose the hosting model.

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"The flagship collaboration tool of the university of Bordeaux 3".
J.-M. Baudequin - Université de Bordeaux 3
Hosting on ContactOffice servers

This is called the Cloud model. ContactOffice takes full responsibility of service availability and manages servers, monitoring and back-ups. You benefit from a SLA (Service Level Agreement). This model is cost-effective because hardware and services are shared by all ContactOffice customers.

Your data are hosted by a European company on servers located in Europe: hence, their confidentiality is guaranteed.

Hosting on customer servers under its responsibility

This model is called license. You host ContactOffice in your own data centre. You care for the servers, bandwidth, technical staff, etc. ContactOffice can assist in setting up, scaling and updating the infrastructure.

In this mode, you pay a setup fee and an annual license (based on the number of users). Upon request, ContactOffice can assist in managing the servers.

The license model makes sense only from a 1000 users and for customers technically capable of hosting servers.

Hosting on customer servers, under ContactOffice responsibility.

ContactOffice can manage the servers, according to a managed services contract, defining all responsibilities.

Note: One can always switch from one model to the other. ContactOffice has a lot of experience in migrating data from and to its servers.



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