1. Features [top]
    The Messages tool allows you to send a fax: the body of the message appears on the first page and attachments are sent in the following pages.
  2. Coverage [top]
    You can send a fax to every fax number in the world.
  3. Fax reception in $1 [top]
    This feature is not available.

    Therefore, if you wish to receive an answer by fax, write your own fax number in all the Fax messages you send. Otherwise the recipient's answers will be sent to our fax number and will never reach you.

  4. Conditions for sending faxes [top]
    You must have a credit of at least 10 EUR (or equivalent) in your provision.


  1. Sending to a free number [top]
    Go to the messages tool and enter the fax number in the To field. Use international format: <322123456@fax> (without zero's before the country code or the zone code).
  2. Send from the Contacts [top]
    Click on the fax number.

Potential problems regarding sending

  1. The fax number cannot be clicked [top]
    If you cannot click the fax number in the address book, check that it's encoded in the international format using the 3 provided boxes. Do not place zero's before a country code or a zone code.

    Check that the number is labelled as a fax number. If necessary, you can change the number type using the pull-down menu.

  2. Sending guarantee [top]
    We guarantee that our systems will try to send the fax. However, we cannot guarantee that the recipient will get it: his fax machine may be off or out of paper. The memory could also be full. After 3 unsuccessful attempts by our systems, you will receive a failure notification.


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